Bottomdrive Mixers


Bottomdrive Mixers

The bottom mounted homogenizers are best suitable for dis-integrating, dissolving, solubilizing, and dispersing solid in the liquids and can accommodate harder solids into the liquids/solutions as desired by the application.

The bottom drive is mounted on the bottom of the vessel with the working head (rotor & stator) dipping in the material being processed. The homogenizer is responsible for dis-integrating solids in the liquid and break huge blocks/bricks/agglomerates present into fine particles to ease the dissolving of the solids in the liquids. The solids are literally ripped apart into fine particles and are easily dispersed into the mix.


–  Mixing, homogenization & emulsification.
– Dissolving powder ingredient in liquid feed.
– Particle size reduction with uniform dispersion.
– Disintegration of enlarge particle cluster.
– Dispersion of solid in liquids.
– Disintegration of agglomerates
– Batch mixing homogenization & emulsification
– Create stable emulsion & suspension


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