Ketchup/Sauces Preparation Unit


Ketchup/Sauces Preparation Unit

Product Description

We can setup tomato processing plant on turnkey basis where fresh tomatoes will be processed to manufacture tomato puree/ketchup, tomato concentrate and tomato paste. Plant comprises following sections:


Fresh tomatoes would be received at reception section and passed on to the fruit washing and grading section.

Tomatoes from reception will be washed in washing section to remove outer dirt and foreign matter from the fruit skin.

Washed tomato would be feed to the inspection cum sorting conveyor where unwanted, damaged tomatoes would be separated out manually.

Major Equipments:

Infeed conveyor, Tomato Washer, Sorting Table


Washed graded tomatoes would be passed on to the fruit juice extraction and processing unit.

From fresh tomatoes the juice will be extracted out in juice extraction system.

The outer skin, seed and fiber of fruits would be separated out from extraction machine and then disposed manually.

Extracted juice is passed to the heat treatment to avoid the quality degradation.

Again it is fine pulped in Pulper cum finisher to get finished juice.

This juice will go for further processing to juice concentrate to concentrate it to 12 Brix for tomato puree, 14 Brix for tomato ketchup or 28-30 Brix for tomato paste.

Major Equipments:

Tomato Juice Extractor, Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulp Preheater (Shell Tube Heat Exchanger), Pulper cum Finisher, Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulp Storage cum Balance Tank


In concentration section, tomato juice with 5 brix would be concentrated to 12, 14, or 30 brix in multiple effect vacuum evaporators.

This will be two effect rising film type evaporation plant.

This juice is concentrated in the evaporator upto 30 brix for paste.

At this concentration, juice is converted into paste.

Then the concentrated paste is blended and pasteurized.

Pasteurized paste is transferred to a paste storage tank.

Major equipments: 1 Effect scrapped surface evaporator for tomato paste 2 Effect Forced Circulation Vacuum Evaporator – (Balance Tank, Graduated Flow Control Valve, Feed pump, Calandria, Vapour Separator, Condenser, Concentrate Recirculation Pump, Concentrate discharge Pump, Condensate Pump, Vacuum Pump, Vapour Duct, SS Pipes and Fittings, Seal Water Tank, Steam Supply System, Service Water Line, Control panel),


For ketch up, the juice is concentrated to 12-14% TS and then it is mixed with sugar solution and all spices. Then the ketch up is pasteurized and then allowed for packing.

Major equipments: –

Sugar Dissolving Vat, Sugar Solution Transfer Pump, Inline Filter, Blending Tank, Screw Pump, Paste Pasteurizer, Balance Tank, Transfer Pump (Lobe Type), Buffer Tank (Insulated)


Glass Bottle Packing For Tomato Puree/Ketch-Up – (Rotary Bottle Washing Machines, Inspection Conveyor (Semi-Automatic), Twin/Four Head Liquid Filling Machine for Ketch-up, Bottle Crowning and Sealing Machines (Automatic), Labeling Machine (Automatic)

Can Packing For Paste/Concentrate – (Hot Filling Screw Pump, Can body reformer, Can Flanger, Can bottom seamer, Semi Automatic Filling Machine, Can top seamer (Stationary Type), Lid embossing machine, Vacuum Tester, Canning Retorts, Steam Lines, Can Conveyor, Sticker Labeling Machine, Labeling Table)

Utility Section:

Steam Boiler with Water softener, Cooling Tower, pump piping, Air compressor, Effluent Treatment Plant, Boiler Chimney, All service pipelines.


Plot No. G-39, Friends Industries Area, Shahbad, Daulatpur New Delhi

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