Mayonnaise/ Sauce Preparation Unit and Plant

MAIN PLANT.60Mayonnaise Plant

Mayonnaise/ Sauce Preparation Unit and Plant

Thermo-shear™ – Vacuum homogenization unit, a customized integrated solution for mixing, cutting, homogenizing and emulsification applications. The process takes place in a hermetically sealed environment thus, along with mixing, solids are introduced into the liquid stream under vacuum.

  • Four stage homogenizer for perfect mixing, emulsification and achieving fine droplets of the emulsion.
  • Contr-rotary agitator comprises of perforated blades and scrapers for perfect blending of the ingredients in the main vessel.
  • Direct Steam Injection (DSI) for perfect and efficient heating of the product.
  • Bucket lifts for the automatic feeding of solids, vegetables, and other ingredients directly into the main vessel.
  • Vacuum Homogenization under a hermetically sealed environment ensuring a smooth texture and eliminating air pockets in the final product. Also, helps to incorporate solid ingredients into the process easy and also lowers the boiling point of the product and thus saves a lot of energy and even the process time is shortened extensively.
  • Automatic dosing unit for a controlled dosage of oil, solids, liquids and all other ingredients.
  • PLC/SCADA based Control Panel with HMI for recipe storage along with actuated valves, load cells for weight indication, flow control for recipe formulation.


  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Sauce & dips
  3. Syrups, Spreads & Dressings
  4. Flavored emulsions

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