Basket Mill

50 Ltr Basket Mill (Portable) Rendered-2

Basket Mill

Basket Mill is a wet grinding machine applicable for middle and low viscosity fluids and batch type production equipment. They are also known as batch mills and have been around in the milling industry for decades and are still in high demand because of the advantages that this one single machine has to offer the wet milling/grinding industry.

Wahal Engineer’s manufactured Mills has a redefined batch dispersion system. This design insures materials to pass through the high density dispersion zone within the milling chamber at a high frequency. This system offers a high degree of dispersion which can be many times more efficient than traditional media milling systems. Through all-direction strong momentum generated by irregular collision between the grinding beads, the particle size of the materials becomes smaller.

lt is suitable for coatings, inks, pigments, colorants, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries with high requirements of fineness.

The way this milling machine works is very simple. The basket chamber is filled with media that is agitated by a shaft with pegs on the end that rotates within the basket. On a separate shaft there is an impeller that rotates at a different rate or they will simultaneously spin at the same rate depending on the material. This helps to provide even circulation of the liquid with in the tank.

The vortex and centrifugal force that is created takes the material and pulls it in through the slits of the screen while the media breaks up particles and disperses them throughout the liquid. Premixing, dispersion and shearing are all done in one process saving time, while increasing production. The simplicity of Wahal Engineer’s manufactured Basket Mill system allows for very high material yields from batch to batch, as high as 99%. This means less clean-up and a reduction in waste solvents. Premixing, dispersion, compounding and dilution are all accomplished in a single unit that requires less space, less time and less energy to achieve bigger results.

50 Ltr Basket Mill (Portable) Rendered-4

Working Technique

  • Milling chamber design eliminates by-passing and inconsistent dispersion.
  • Separate variable speed drives provide exceptional flexibility in mixing and dispersion.
  • Because material flow is created by vortex action and centrifugal force, media overflow into the batch is eliminated.
  • Impellers provide even circulation, ensure uniform dispersion, and allow a wider range of processing viscosities.
  • Impellers are mounted on independent shafts and feature a separate variable speed drive.
  • Operating speeds may be controlled manually or through an automated process controller.
  • Side walls and bottom of the processing tank are jacketed along with the top of the milling chamber for efficient control of product temperature.
  • Portable tank with non-sparking casters provides mobility for packaging or cleaning.
  • Clean-up and product changeover are accomplished in less than 30 minutes on most products.

Characteristics of Basket Mill

    • Predispersion with a dissolver disc and grinding with a milling basket in one machine and one container
    • No pumps, piping, valves, additional containers etc. are required.
    • Easy cleaning and minimum product loss when changing the product Little grinding media required
    • Double walled milling basket and double walled container for cooling and heating
    • High circulation rates even with highly viscous products due to the dissolver disc and pump wheel
    • Excellent grinding results
    • Particularly high throughput rates
    • Low energy requirement
    • No dead areas due to effective mill base circulation
    • Specially designed construction of basket and rotor ensure non metal pollution for the material.
    • Design of blocking spare parts make it much more convenient to disassemble, maintain and overhaul, there is little need of professional maintainer



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