Bead mill


Bead Mills

We manufacture an extensive range of Bead Mill ( 1.4-150 litres ), manufactured using high grade raw material to ensure optimum quality in the end product. Our ZR splash series assists in effective energy transfer of power of the main motors to the grinding beads and is provided with well built agitator disc. This further, enables to break solid matters into grounded form. Thus, our Bead Mills are highly appreciated for low power consumption, high performance and fine milling effect.

  • Bead mill is a specially designed modular wet grinding / dispersion mill for nano particle size reduction.
  • Offer a number of models ranging from 1.4 litres to 60 litres capacity.
  • Thermal protection for thermo sensitive products.
  • Special centrifugal separation system ensuring high flow rates while achieving an intensive degree of grinding.
  • Double cooling mechanism system for precision temperature control.
  • Results in highly efficient micro grinding of even tough materials.
  • Particle size up to one micron or 50 nm to 500 nm can be achieved.
  • Designed for water based and solvent based slurries.

Our mills chamber are constructed out of a variety of materials to suit the process , mostly hard wear resistant steel and other forms of ferritic and austentitic steels are used. We also provide chamber in hastelloy and duplex steels.

There is also a variety of ceramic lining material available viz. carbides and zirconium. The rotors also comprise of wear resistant steels and a variety of polymers and ceramic lined steel

Application :

  1. Fine grinding of liquid slurries
  2. Ultrafine dispersion and nano-particles grinding of low-to-medium viscosity liquids
  3. Catering industries like inks, paints, agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals
  4. Production of nano emulsion & dispersion.

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