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Batch Type High Shear Mixers | Inline High Shear Mixers

High Shear Mixers

Wahal Engineers manufactures a wide range of inline high shear mixers comprising of various high shear rotor stator assembly designs.

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Range of High Shear Mixers

Batch Type Enclosed Shaft High Shear Mixers

Batch High Shear Mixers

Wahal specialises in custom designed state of the art high shear batch mixers. We are High Shear Mixer Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Our high shear mixers come in two models :

1.) In tank Batch high shear mixers :

These comprise of vertical high shear mixers consisting of a rotor and stator . Additional impellers are supplied on the shaft depending in the shaft length. Our high shear mixers are offered in a variety of materials to suit the process.

2.) Enclosed shaft high shear mixers (  Rotor/Stator dispersion system )  makes short work of paint premixes, agglomerate free dispersions, full range of models batch and inline system cover viscosities from 1 cps to 50,000 cps.

  • Defoaming and Deaeration of batches
  • Eliminating multiple media mill passes
  • Increasing capacity with a higher flow rates
  • Reducing production time equipment cost
  • Saving cleanup time and cost
Batch Type High Shear Mixers

Inline High Shear Mixers

Wahal also manufactures a wide range of inline high shear mixers comprising of various high shear rotor stator assembly designs. These inline high shear mixers are known for their state of the art shearing capabilities reaching a tip speed of maximum 100 m/s at various flowrates. These high shear mixers can also be offered in a variety of materials to suit the process, further Wahal is known for its custom designed high shear mixers .

The important role of Inline High Shear homogenizers in the food industry

High Shear Homogenizers has most important role in Food & Dairy Industry. 

Food producers are now working to offer new product categories to meet customer needs, for example, eliminating trans-fat and reducing the content of sugar, fat, and sodium. These new requirements are to be fulfilled while balancing consumer satisfaction and nutrient content. In order to face those challenges, homogenization processes are the way in which food production is completed. There is an optimal mixing procedure for each emulsion, dispersion, and lipid that achieve objectives with the most economical methods. The developer optimizes the mixing process to better suit the product characteristics and requirements, resulting in unprecedented results. The options that adjust the mechanical forces applied to the product during mixing are simple to use. 

Wahal Group of industries and its equipment is used by food biologists to produce high yield cell disorders and stable emulsions. New food and drink products can be created and improved and harmful bacteria eliminated.

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 The high shear mixers can be offered with the following features :

  • The high shear mixer is designed for sanitary applications and can be configured to meet compliance with FDA norms. Our high shear mixers can also be supplied with ATEX approved motors or IEC -60079 Flameproof/explosion-proof motors with certification for hazardous applications.
  • Inlet and Outlet: Can be designed as per the specific requirement ( Flanged, DIN connections, Tri-clamp, ASA, etc. )
  • Control panel: ATEX approved control panels can also be supplied with our high shear mixers.
  • Motors: TEFC ( Totally enclosed fan cool ), Explosion-proof / ATEX certified motors can be supplied as standard to be used with frequency inverters or starters. Washdown motors and stainless motors can also be supplied.
  • Rotor/ stator: Can be supplied extra with each high shear mixer ( Expect the 4 stage model ) and can be used interchangeably as per the application.

Food and Drug Administration  


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