Wahal manufactures a range of homogenizers specially design to work on the principle of shear force. Shear force is the force acting due to the shearing produced in between a rotating and a stationary parts. The same principle in being used wherein the homogenizer comprises of a rotatory part called the rotor and a stationary parts called the Stator. There are a various combinations of precision engineered rotor-stator assembly specific to the application of use. And one can have a range of the rotor-stator assembly to perform various homogenization applications.
The homogenizers can be sub-categorized into the following:

  1. Continuous Homogenizers wiz single, two and four stage inline homogenizer
  2. Batch Homogenizers wiz intank and bottom mounted batch homogenizers

Applications: Blending, Homogenization, Emulsification, Hydration, Dissolving, Liquid Powder Mixing, Particle size reduction



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