Hummus Manufacturing Machine

Hummus Manufacturing Machine

Hummus is a rapidly growing, multi-million dollar industry and is becoming
more ubiquitous in the grocery store. Chickpea production, the main
ingredient of hummus, is an industry valued at $115.5 million a year in
2012, according to the USDA. The food category dominated by hummus sales
grew by 11% from 2011, and up 25% from the year before that, research
conducted by the Information Resources Inc shows.

To meet the growing demand for hummus production, Wahal, the industry
leader in processing machinery, has several hummus processing systems to meet
any small business and large corporation needs.

All the systems can be fitted with a CIP cleaning system. They can
also be controlled by a  PLC control system allowing the customer
to regulate the machine as a whole or through individual components.

All of our machines are custom-made to your specifications.

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