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Liquid Powder Mixer

Liquid Powder Mixer

We can do continuous powder-liquid mixing too!

  • Works on the principle of WAHAL high speed powder inducin
  • Dust-free, Loss-free & Contamination-free powder dispersing and mixing
  • Working heads (i.e. rotor and stator) are specially designed to produce vacuum in the flowing stream to induce powders.
  • The powders can directly be induced or dispersed into the stream through silos, sacks, hoppers, barrels, etc.
  • Suitable for both continuous as well as batch (re-circulation) processes
  • Ensures no lumps/agglomerates are formed as the solids are dosed directly in the stream and thus, the solids are mixed/homogenized thoroughly in the liquids and then pumped into the vessel.
  • Achieves up to 80% solids in the final product, which are re-circulated to get the desired results
  • Wet-out-solids are easily incorporated at higher flow rates
  • No foreign air is entrapped in the flowing stream as the powder stream is much denser and thicker.


  • Alumina suspensions
  • Starch solutions
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Milk powder
  • Fumed Silica
  • Carbopol
  • All applications where large amounts of solids are incorporated into liquids
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