Twin Shaft Dispersers

Dual Shaft Mixer-2, Raised

Twin/Dual Shaft Dispersers

In a twin shaft dispersers, the feed product putted into the high speed disperser blade and to control the mixture for the uniform mixing inside the tank. Scrapers fit on the anchor shaft which help to remove the material from the interior vessel walls to enhance the heat transfer capabilities of the mixer. Due to the second one high speed dispersion shear force increased. These disperser is commonly used in highly viscosity mixture and provide efficient mixing and dispersing.

            HOW IS IT WORK?

  • In a twin/dual shaft disperser, materials are mixed under laminar condition rather than turbulent mixing. It works in slow speed of a shaft or slow RPM.
  • The high viscous product is pushed into the working zone of the high shear blade and lower shear blade that mixed, dispersed and dissolves the materials.
  • Teflon scrapers available in the mixing unit which cleans the mixer walls during operation and helps to reduce the wastage of materials and improve the mixing product quality and aids in heat transfer to an external jacket.

           Key Features:

  • Variable speed for agitator and disperser or homogenizer.
  • Strong homogenization by top entry batch homogenize,
  • Vacuum system to take out the air bubbles during mixing and to transfer the ingredients,
  • Complete process of mixing, dissolving, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, heating and cooling in one unit.


  • Cosmetics & Toiletries: cream, lotion, gel, toothpaste;
  • Pharmaceuticals: ointment, syrup, injection;
  • Food: mayonnaise, jam, butter;
  • Chemicals: polyester, synthetic fiber.



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