Vaccum Dispersion Technology

Vacuum Dispersion Technology

Vacuum dispersion technology being the most advanced technology in the process industry for the application of pigments, inks, coatings & paints dispersion. The dispersion process is performed under vacuum, ensuring much efficient dispersion of solids in the liquids resulting in more effective, homogeneous and stable dispersion within less time, lower power consumption and lesser raw material wastage.

Dispersion is defined as a homogeneous distribution of solids in the liquids resulting in consistent stable slurry. The process involves the soluble solids to be dispersed in the liquids. Majority of the solids used in the industry are insoluble, thus to disperse the insoluble solids more complexity is involved, which is overcome by perfectly wetting each particle in the liquids, de-agglomerating them, breaking each particle into finer particle and thus forming a homogeneous slurry. The better the dispersion, the better is the stability of the product. Thus, dispersion is a necessary step for a stable product and is desired for each process.

Vacuum Dispersion is referred to as the dispersion of the solids in the liquids in a hermetically sealed environment, under vacuum. Since vacuum is an ultimate condition desired for any process which is under controlled environmental conditions resulting in much efficacious and faster processing.


Vacuum dispersion not only results in efficient dispersion but also provides efficient powder transferring/dosing into the dispersing unit by sucking in the solids through the vacuum pressure in the unit in an enclosed loop thus, resulting in no wastage of powders. As is in the traditional unit, where the bulk density of the powders is low that creates mess all over the workspace. Its other advantages are as follows:

  • Dust free environment as the solid conveying is done in an enclosed system under vacuum
  • The dispersion is much efficient as the solids are dosed directly in the rotor-stator work heads resulting in immediate wetting of particles.
  • The viscous products are de-aerated well in the unit resulting in consistent products and efficient processing
  • Suction rates for powder can be controlled depending on the rates of dispersion and physical properties of the powder
  • The unit is CIP able and provides efficient cleaning for easy switch over

The Wahal vacuum dispersion unit is an Ultimate solution to all dispersion applications. The unit comprises of a high shear rotor-stator based working heads having controlled tolerances and various tool designs for the most efficient dispersion. The unit is mounted inline and the solids are sucked/ dosed in the unit through the vacuum generated in the system. The powder dosing can either be done through a flexible hose for dosing from jumbo bags or silos may be used in case the volumes are higher. The sucked in powders are directly directed to the rotor-stator head of the unit which acts upon the mixture of liquid and the solids resulting in dispersion of an ultimate consistency and stability. We also additionally supply a scrapper agitator inside the vessel to scrap the walls clean resulting in almost no retention inside the vessels.

Further, Wahal also specializes in ZR Splash mills (bead mills) for state of the art pressurized horizontal grinding with milling media as low as 0.2mm.

We can supply turnkey solutions from raw material unloading to premixing, grinding and filling.

Typical applications include:

  • Pigment dispersions / pastes
  • Paints
  • Inks
  • Xanthum, guar, CMC’s and other gums
  • Adhesives
  • Primers
  • Other Emulsions

Wahal range of equipment include the following:

  • Liquid powder mixers
  • Vacuum dispersion unit (Vacuumizer)
  • ZR Splash mills (Bead mills)
  • Dispersers
  • Triple shaft dispersers
  • Inline & batch homogenizers

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